To see on the picture:

Chairman of KTGW, project manager of help alliance and his wife, President of YMCA Togo, 2 responsible employees and 1 employee of YMCA and the traditional king of Dévikinme


The first groundbreaking was set.

Two years after the laying of the foundation stone in 2019, postponed by the corona pandemic, construction can finally begin our  international and multidisciplinary training center in Dévikinme

  begin .

This is celebrated!  

On July 23 , 2021, a kick-off event was held to celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony, which of course was kept on a small scale due to the corona pandemic.

First there was a small introduction in the Point Genie house in Lomé, during which the managing director of YMCA and the project manager of help alliance were virtually connected.  The groundbreaking ceremony was then held on the property in.



Representatives from our sponsors helpalliance and YMCA , the traditional king of  Dévikinme,  our chairman of KTGW and of course also Togolese themselves were present.