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Support with School Fees since 2008

In 2010 we organized a 14-day humanitarian vacation to Togo.


In the first week, the Kutschenritter elementary school was renovated together with specialists from Togo. Craftsmen and laypeople met and quickly realized how different the working methods and tools used in renovations can be. So we thought the professional tools we brought with us would be very useful. The natural brushes from Togo, however, turned out to be much more effective!

We learned a lot from each other.

The evening belonged to the beach and a local beer with freshly grilled fish.

In the second week we were able to get to know traces of German and Togolese history, the rainforest, Togolese life and many friendly people. We were welcome everywhere and had wonderful encounters, be it with a king in the village or at a dance festival in Lomé.











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