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Support of German Clubs since 2008

It all started at the Lycée de Zébévi in Aného.

With small sums  CDs with German songs and books we gave the German club there a basis for organizing joint meetings.

With the help of our intern Britta in 2010, the student German club was developed into an increasingly lively forum. Further small monetary and material donations made it possible for the club to have cultural meetings and first excursions. We built up other initiatives as cultural days and meetings between several German clubs from different schools in order to become more active with one another. We wanted and want to promote interest in everything that has to do with learning German.

We are now receiving inquiries from Kara in the north to Lomé in the south. The German clubs are often helped with small contributions, their voluntary work on sport (see  Dodgeball ), culture and language.

We were able to win over some of the German teachers at the respective schools to provide voluntary support for our trainees. This is how the network of local engagement continues to grow. A great pleasure to look at and experience.

Here are two examples of the Deutschclub campaigns from the past:

Activities of  3 German clubs (Lyza, Lypo + LyGbé) in the school year 2016/2017 (Original report by the coordinator Aklaa G.)

"The two clubs (Lyza and Lypo) met for the first time in Aného in October 2016. Important decisions were made:

Among other things, that the meeting of the various board members in Aného at the beginning of school should from now on be the first joint activity of the clubs within the framework of the partnership. All members were completely in agreement and satisfied with this partnership between the two clubs on the one hand and above all with the KommTogoGehWeiter association  (KTGW) on the other hand.

In November the clubs in Lomé took part in the concert of the German reggae singer NOSLIW on tour in Africa. In December they organized, everyone at their own (separately), Christmas

events. In January 2017, the German club of Lycée Gbényédji-Kopé (my new school) joined the partnership with the noble association KTGW.

In April, the clubs took part in the great culture day of the German clubs from golf and maritime regions. The children exchanged a lot and learned a lot.

In the same month Lypo represented the three clubs at a national culture day of the German clubs at the Goethe-Institut. His achievements there were highly valued and widely applauded.

At the end of May, Lypo organized a small but wonderful and colorful cultural day as a year-end activity, where traditional and modern dances, poems, slams, funny stories, puzzles and games were presented. "

In the meantime, other schools are cooperating with each other, so that 7 schools were already represented at the Culture Day in March 2018.  

Excursions by the German Club (Lycée de Lomé-Port = Lypo)

(Example: report from the students to our association)

1) Visit to the port

On June 20, 2014 we were given a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the greatest attractions of Lome: the port of Lome. This was built by the Germans in the 1970s and is the largest port with the deepest water level in West Africa, ie very heavy ships with a length of 400m can be docked there. As a result, many countries in West and Central Africa use our port.

Although our teacher had prepared everything perfectly, access was very difficult due to particularly strict security measures. After all, after losing a lot of time, we were able to enter and see a lot: modern quays, fishing and container ports, ships maneuvering, dock workers loading and unloading, etc. We were very enthusiastic about all of this. Unfortunately, we could not do a tour on the ocean, because we lost too much time before access, and what was made available to us by the port authorities should definitely go to the roadstead at this moment.

2) Excursion to Togoville through Anecho

Almost three weeks later we were able to carry out the last project of the year. On July 7th, we actually left at 10 a.m. The nice bus driver didn't drive too fast, so that our teacher and his colleague (also a German teacher from the central region, a great hunter and connoisseur of German traces in Togo, so he played, so to speak, the role of the guide) can explain a lot on the way .

An hour later we arrived in Anecho and first visited the Carriage Knight Primary School. There the headmaster and our guide told us about the German colonial times. Then we drove on to Säbbe (Zebevi), where many traces (buildings and trees etc ..) can be seen. The mango trees, more than 100 years old, are planted in such a way that they used to be a reference point for ships on the high seas. The school bell, which the tree has gradually swallowed almost completely over time, is particularly interesting.

After lunch we drove to Togoville, the birthplace of both the Togolese nation and the German-Togolese cooperation. There we saw a couple of monuments and entered the Catholic Church (built in 1910). Ten minutes at Lake Togo, from which you can have a wonderful view of the local landscape, was our last activity in Togoville.

In our opinion, this excursion played two main roles:

- it allowed many of us to drive outside of Lome for the first time and to strengthen relationships between us.

- it also helped us all to broaden and deepen our knowledge of several realities of our homeland

Dear partners, this report would be incomplete if we did not thank you, because without your generosity a visit to the port and excursion with its advantages would not be possible.


That is why we would like to rely on you again next year to carry out further projects. Thanks in advance.

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