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Support with School Fees since 2008

For poor students.


More and more often, some students have to drop out of school because they can no longer pay the school fees. For a wide variety of reasons, be it because parents have lost their job, or are unable to raise money for school due to illness or accidents  Parents have died. Sometimes the students try to finance their school fees by working in the market one day a week. Then, however, they are missing from class that day.

In the meantime we have been able to cover the tuition fees for a total of 373 pupils at different schools in Togo, each for 1 school year.

In addition, several students, including a medical student, received financial support. The medical student wrote to us personally that he was able to successfully complete his intermediate exams with our help.  


With the construction of a new training center in Dévikimme, we will create a new perspective for the destitute pupils after they have finished school. After all, it should go on for them. And we would like to support you in this.

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