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First TOGOHAUS initiative
Cologne 2006

In the Bürgerzentrum Nippes, Cologne from 09.06. until 06/24/2006.

At the initiative of kommTOGOgehweiter eV there was the official World Cup fan camp of the Togolese national team, the TOGOHAUS, in cooperation with the cultural office in Cologne and the Nippes community center. The aim of the benefit event was to make Togo better known locally and to “warm up” many citizens for future projects of our association.

  • Diverse music and cultural program every day.

  • Broadcasting of all games on a big screen

  • Bands from Togo and Cologne as well as Dj's and folklore groups

  • Exhibition with works of art from Togo - from hand-carved wooden thrones to traditional tools

  • Child care with many promotions.

  • Goal wall shooting, "hot food competitions", betting round with raffle

  • Togolese specialties.

CD "Viva Africa"

Behind it is a CD with three music tracks that the club commissioned for the World Cup. The very own Togolese fan music was composed by club members themselves and was enthusiastically heard by fans and the Togolese national football team during the 2006 World Cup. The CD is available from us for a small donation for those interested, just contact us.

Cooking poster "Cuisine Jumelée"

A little taste: Carotte Conmangi - carrot with mango

4-5 young carrots, ½ mango, 1 small. Piece of fresh, finely chopped ginger, fresh parsley, 4 tomatoes, lettuce leaves, vinaigrette made from: sunflower oil, juice of ½ lemon, palm leaves, salt. Finely grate the carrots and mango. Cut the ginger and parsley into small pieces and mix with the vinaigrette into the Koratten mango. Halve the tomatoes, hollow them out and lightly season them with salt. Pour the carrot mango into the tomatoes and serve garnished on lettuce leaves.

All recipes are available as kitchen posters for a small donation from our association, just get in touch .

Our cooking group created an extensive buffet in Wangen in April 2006 for a Togolese evening. The reason was to make the Togolese cuisine known in the district of the Togolese national football team in the Hotel Waltersbühl. The culinary dishes were eaten with pleasure by the Wangen guests - and later just as happily by the national team.

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