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Bilingual training in the training center
in Dévikinme

It should finally start in July 2021. In cooperation with YMCA / Togo and the sponsor help alliance .

Many thanks to both, especially help alliance, for making the project possible!

It is still only the cornerstone that points to the new training center. And this is how we get there:

A German-Togolese family is providing our association kommTOGOgehweiter eV with a piece of land in Dévikinme, which is intended to serve purpose-related innovative projects for young people.

Our association would like to give impetus there to give poor young adults in Togo better job opportunities in Togo through basic training and to bind them more to their country. Unfortunately, after graduating from high school, the prospects for many gifted high school graduates are poor, especially in rural areas.

They cannot afford the much larger expenses for studying, so that many of them go to Lomé (capital) in the hope of finding work there, but mostly end up unemployed or as cheap moped taxi drivers.

Our planned training center does not yet exist in Togo of its kind. It is intended to serve as a “springboard” for school leavers to get better jobs afterwards or to start their own start-up companies. The special feature is that the training will take place in German, French and English and with training staff from Togo and Germany. Our 2-year training offers initially cover the following areas:

  • Food processing

  • commercial occupation in aviation

  • technical jobs in electronics, mechanics and computer science

  • Careers in nursing, medical assistance and hygiene

Until the start of the planned training center, we currently have 55 trainees distributed in Togo in our program. More here .

125 Audience.JPG

Impressions of the inauguration ceremony February 6, 2024

A folklore group provided musical and dancing performances upon arrival. Blaise started with his speech, followed by representatives from help alliance, Miles&More, the German embassy, the local mayor and the Ministry of Education. In between, the 20-member group of Togo's best craftswomen 2023 provided singing and sketch performances. You will attend a course in applied computer science in our ABZ for a few weeks. At the same time, they are very keen to promote well-founded training courses such as those coming soon in our CEFOPEXD. The group from Lufthansa who came was very impressed with the implementation of the project with the training center. 

“Keep it up” and “The collaboration between help alliance and KTGW is already a tradition.” were statements we heard from them. Otherwise there were the other 20 trainees who have been learning applied computer science, English and German with us since November, as well as many other guests, representatives from YMCA Togo and CVJM Germany. After the speeches, everyone solemnly walked to the gate, where 3 priests gave the blessing and then the symbolic ribbon was cut. Afterwards we were invited to a tour. The celebration ended with a shared Togolese lunch, which was served in the CEFOPEXD cafeteria and other rooms. Many of our former trainees also came, some of whom were actively involved in the preparations, setting up, cleaning or tidying up. For example, Brigitte took over all the decoration. It was a very impressive celebration for all the guests and we kept hearing from a wide variety of guests that our vision and implementation were the right thing for the future of young people in Togo. 

Reception village children laying the foundation stone ABZ.
Guests_KTGW,_District Administrator+Chamber of Crafts_Togo
Laying of the foundation stone ABZ project manager help
Presentation of trainees laying the foundation stone ABZ.j


Foundation stone ceremony

The village and the whole area were actively involved, as were our trainees. In front of other guests from administration, politics and training institutions, our chairman reminded everyone of the task of promoting the talents of young people and giving them the freedom they need.

The celebration of the laying of the foundation stone was associated with attracting many officials from administration, politics, crafts, possible further sponsors, the residents of the village and, above all, the young people for our ambitious idea. More about the idea of ​​our training center in the interview for Radio Victoire FM / Togo .

The village and surroundings were actively involved, as well as the apprentices. Our chairman reminded the invited guests, from the administration, the politics and the training centers, of the duty of the community to support the talents of the young people and need of free-space for them to develop these talents.

With the celebration of laying the foundation stone, a goal was to get many officials from administration, politics, craftmen, possible sponsors, the residents of the village and most of all the young people, enthusiastic about our ambitious idea. More to the idea of ​​our apprenticeship-training-centers can be heard in the Interview for Radio Victoire FM / Togo.

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