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Students for Students

18 very interested students from the University of Siegen and Freiburg were inspired to start a new project in their learning workshop (University of Siegen) together with our association

To get to know the country, people and culture in Togo together with students from the University of Lomé. Side by side with German-speaking students and high school graduates, and the whole trip organized by our association.

The motivation was that the young people can learn and benefit from one another, on an equal footing with one another. Because that is very important to us!

The 3-week trip took place in March 2018. Initially, the focus was on joint excursions. In the last week creative workshops were held in schools by the students.

The special thing: there was no completely ready-made scheme, but all students were asked to actively contribute to the preparation, starting with financing ideas for the joint excursions (donation campaigns) to design ideas for the school projects. In the meantime, German clubs in various schools in Togo have put together a cultural program. The whole tour group was able to take wonderful impressions with them on Culture Day at Lycée Solidarité in Lomé. There were sweat-inducing sporting encounters on the day in advance in the soccer game.

Our association took care of the other logistics, organization and processes in Togo on a voluntary basis.

Contacts to the universities of Lomé and Kara were established so that we can now support the exchange between students here and there more intensively and more regularly.

The students of the learning workshop have created a blog and  some reports written.

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