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We accompany and support our trainees during and after their training

to set up your own start-up companies


1. Street Food Service "2Go"

Despite the Covid pandemic, 8 of our trainees who earned their diploma in gastronomy and hotel management took their destiny into their own hands.

With the support of our association, they were able to open the StreetFoodService 2Go, with Togolese and international specialties near the port of Lomé.

2. Stylistics and Tailoring

Our stylist and tailoring trainees get together during their training to design innovative textile products. The products include sustainable gift ribbons, colorful bags and dirndl in African design. Every Saturday they meet for a workshop in our office in Lomé.

3. Studio

Two of our carpenters have also been able to rent their own studio with the help of KTGW. Mathias is just completing further training as a "sculptor" and produces wine glasses, cups, bowls from coconut shells. 

4. StartUp food project

In Atoeta, the second cultivation phase has started at the StartUp food project (in cooperation with Point Génie and in Germany "FrischDichAuf"). First it was turnips, which are already growing eagerly, and citronelle for lemongrass tea.

The fields are ecologically prepared with cow dung to plant tomatoes, beans, cassava and okra. It was already possible to harvest this autumn and sell it on the markets.

With your help , further professionalism will succeed for the other  StartUps  der  trainees !

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