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Projektleiter mit Koordinatorin am Gymn.

That's us - called KTGW in short

We are an association with members from Germany, France and Togo itself. That in itself is a specialty to be set up in a diverse way within the association. We founded our club when Togo qualified for the 2006 World Cup - when hardly anyone knew where Togo was.

Togo is a narrow, elongated country in West Africa, on the Gulf of Guinea. Today around 6 million people from 40 different ethnic groups live in Togo with an average age of 15 years - which is very young.

There is no future without young people - whether in Germany or Togo. With mutual understanding and knowledge, they can shape the future of tomorrow. Today's children are the makers of tomorrow, also in Africa. Only with you the development can go on steadily. Hence our club name (youth :) komm (in :) TOGO (and :) go on (into the future).

From 1884 until World War I, Togo was a German protected area. Today you can experience in Togo how much the Germans like to be seen there. Even if we are not proud of the colonial era, we can try to give back what was taken from the people of Togo back then.

If you are more interested in the history of Togo, we refer you to the website of the Foreign Office .

Our greatest concern is to create rapprochement between young people from here in Germany and young people from Togo through direct contacts and personal experience in order to learn from each other. We want to make ourselves strong for this. We help Togo help people to help themselves on a humanitarian level.

One example is our exchange of students from Germany with students in Togo as a 3-week internship in March 2018.

Above all, our nationwide large project bilingual education is linked to our ambitious goal of promoting medium-sized companies as the foundation for a functioning society and economy in the long term. So many young people's talents are lying idle. We want to help them develop so that they can advance their own country with solid and innovative work.

Our association relies on investing in young people - through close contact, through regular exchange, through financial support, individually adapted when we recognize that there is great motivation and talent.

We follow the goals of the UN for sustainable development.


Chairman Blaise-Pascal d'Almeida

Vice Chairman Oliver Arnold

Secretary Dr. Britta Schmitz

Treasurer Ursula d'Almeida-Deupmann

Assessor Juliane Ziehlke

Social Media Dr. Larissa Legewie

Newsletter Jérôme d'Almeida

Fundraising Judith Lippelt

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